Make your own Dog Costume

Dressing up as a dog is a perennial favorite, especially for younger children who love to dress up after their favorite movie and television characters such as Blues Clues, McGruff, Lady and Tramp, and the puppies from Disney’s “101 Dalmatians“. You can put together a dog costume for yourself or for a child in no time with a basic fleece knit sweat suit and a few other simple supplies.

Items needed to make your Dog Costume

Items Needed:
Sweat pants
Hooded sweat jacket
Oversized socks
Fusible interfacing
Face paints
Lid to juice concentrate can
Permanent marker


Step 1: Depending on what type of dog you want to dress up with, choose a white, tan, black or brown pair of sweat pants with a matching sweat jacket. Make sure that the jacket is hooded, but other wise the style can either be zip–up or pull–over.

Step 2: Using felt in colors that coordinate with the breed of dog you want to dress up as, cut out spots, dots or other special markings on the fur. Attach these spots as desired on the sweat pants and sweat jacket with fusible interfacing or fabric glue.

Step 3: Use felt to cut out two ears for you dog costume; sew or glue these to the sides of the hood so that when you pull the hood up, the ears fall into the right place. Also use felt to cut a tail that should be sewn onto the back of the pants.

Step 4: Create a collar with a grosgrain ribbon in your choice of color that fastens around your neck outside of the sweat jacket. To make a silver dog tag, get the metal round lid off a frozen orange juice concentrate container and use a permanent marker to write in a doggie name and details.

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