Make your own Doctor Evil Costume

In the “Austin Powers“ series of movies, Doctor Evil is the arch nemesis of secret agent Austin Powers. This character is played by the comedic actor, Mike Meyers. Continually devising plans for world dominance, Doctor Evil is often shown with his sidekicks the diminutive “mini me“, a cat named Mr. Bigglesworth and many other minions. A Doctor Evil costume can be put together quickly at home in your own lair with the right clothing and accessories.

Items needed to make your Doctor Evil Costume

Items Needed:
Grey pants
Grey jacket, Nehru style
Black shoes
Gold pinky ring
Bald cap
Eyebrow pencil


Step 1: Doctor Evil is known for is distinctive costume and facial expressions. To begin your Doctor Evil outfit, you will need a pair of grey or black trousers and a grey jacket in a Nehru style. The bottom hem of this style should be finger–tip length and feature a stand–up tab style collar (the jacket looks a lot like an old–fashioned dentist smock). A pair of black dress shoes will work as footwear.

Step 2: Next you will need Doctor Evil’s bald head. You could shave off all your locks, but an easier solution would be to wear a bald wig that conceals your real hair with a layering of latex that blends almost seamlessly into your forehead.

Step 3: Use a black eyebrow pencil to darken up your eyebrows so they will be more noticeable when you cock one up for Doctor Evil’s signature glare.

Step 4: Finally, you’ll need a big pinky ring to wear on your finger. It can be real or fake, but it needs to be a gaudy bauble for Doctor Evil’s finger. This is the perfect accessory for Doctor Evil’s favorite pose where he twists his hand and puts his pinky finger to his mouth.

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