Make your own Doctor Costume

Garnish the attention and respect you deserve dressed in a Doctor costume. Everyone will be willing to follow doctor’s orders when you show up on the scene in a set of scrubs or a doctor’s lab coat. It’s easy to cure your Halloween or dress up woes by making a doctor’s costume at home with a supply of fabric and some good hospital props.

Items needed to make your Doctor Costume

Items Needed:
Scrubs pattern
Lightweight green fabric
White lab coat
Green “Crocs“ plastic clogs
Color printer
Tube faux blood


Step 1: Following a pattern, cut out and sew a set of scrubs consisting of a loose shirt and pair of draw–string pull–on pants. This should be easy, even for a beginner, because the design of scrubs is very simple. Or, you can find a pair of scrubs in a costume shop or medical uniform store.

Step 2: Layer over a white lab coat to make it look as if you are rushing from surgery to an appointment in your office. Search the internet for a logo of a specific hospital (maybe one in your hometown or a famous hospital), print out from a color printer and create into a badge to be worn on your lab coat. These are the perfect credentials for your Doctor’s costume.

Step 3: A doctor costume also needs to feature some gear that a physician might use as he makes his rounds from hospital room to hospital room. Items such as a stethoscope, clipboard or huge prop syringe are good choices.

Step 4: If you want your Doctor costume to fit into the horror genre, add blood splatters on the front of your white lab coat and carry a hacksaw or some other scary medical device. You could also wear a terrifying mask or special effects makeup.

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