Make your own Devil Costume

Forget being nice when you can be naughty in a Devil costume. You will be red hot and and on fire at any event, regardless of whether you are a guy or a girl. If you want to look sinfully dressed to impress, it is super easy to fashion your very own devil costume that shows you are the true ruler of the underworld.

Items needed to make your Devil Costume

Items Needed:
Red dress or red shirt and pants
Devil horns
Devil tail
Red face paint


Step 1: Ladies will be on fire in a sexy red dress, either long or mini–length. Guys can pair red pants and a red shirt for a very charismatic look that people won’t be able to turn away from! If you don’t have these clothing items in your closet, just beg and borrow from a friend or pick them up at little cost from a resale shop.

Step 2: With a safety pin attach a pointed devil tail to the back of your Devil costume and wear a pair of devil horns on a headband in your hair; often both of these accessories are bundled together as a “Devil Kit“. You can make your own tail from a long scrap of red fabric with a black triangle glued on the end. The horns can be made with a cheap plastic headband with quick–dry modeling clay molded on in a pointy shape.

Step 3: If you really want to go all out, rub red face paint all over your face and reveal your true colors! Add dark around your eyes from a dramatic effect. Also, the addition of a prop plastic pitchfork to your Devil costume that sends the message that you are ready to grab up some souls.

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