Make your own Dark Knight Costume

The Dark Knight is the latest installment in the Batman movie series, released in the summer of 2008. The character of Batman and Bruce Wayne is played by Christian Bale and the whole movie has a dark and dangerous feel taken from the Batman graphic novels. Instead of the traditional grey, black and yellow costume that is traditionally associated with Batman, the Dark Knight costume is edgier in mostly black with a small amount of gold detailing. Suit up in a Dark Knight costume and show the criminal element in Gotham City that the town really belongs to you.

Items needed to make your Dark Knight Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants
Black long–sleeved t–shirt
2 yards black fabric
Black cording
Black utility belt
Black boots
Black rubber gloves
Black card stock
Gold paint pen
Dark Knight Batman mask


Step 1: Create the base for your Dark Knight costume with a pair of black pants (tights if you dare!) and a long–sleeved black shirt. Use a gold paint pen to add detailing.

Step 2: To create the cape that flutters behind Batman as he runs through the night, use around 2 yards of black fabric. Fold down the top raw edge approximately 1–inch and sew along edge. Gather up the cape with a length of black cording or ribbon sent through the casing; use a safety pin attached to the ribbon for a guide. To wear the cape, drape it over your shoulders and gather up around your neck with cording tied for security.

Step 3: Fasten a black utility belt around your midsection; attach any Batman gadgets you may have such as the bat–a–rang or a grappling hook.

Step 4: A pair of tall black boots are needed for the feet and black gloves in a “gauntlet” style are required for the hands. If you can find black rubber gloves, use those; if not, spray paint the yellow cleaning–style of gloves black. After they have dried use a glue gun on to attach triangle–shaped spikes onto the forearms.

Step 5: Finally, wear the enigmatic Batman Dark Knight mask that disguises your identity in a mysterious way. No one will know you are Bruce Wayne until you want them to!

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