Make your own Cupid Costume

Cupid is the little guy (or girl) who matches up two people for love. When he shoots you and your intended with his love–spiked arrows, you are destined for happily–ever–after bliss. Funny that they make the messenger of love look so silly, but we think it’s cute! If you are ready to make folks fall head–over–heels, then you can make a Cupid costume at home that is totally loveable.

Items needed to make your Cupid Costume

Items Needed:
White fabric
White tank top
Diaper pins
Red fabric paint
Red heart stamper
“ PVC pipe
Curved PVC joint
Gold spray paint
“ wooden dowels
Construction paper
Empty wrapping paper tube
Red ribbon


Step 1: Lay out 2 foot by 2 foot piece of white fabric. Use heart stamper and red fabric paint to stamp heart patterns randomly over the fabric. Do the same for the white tank top. Set aside both to dry.

Step 2: To make Cupid’s requisite bow and arrow set assemble PVC pipe that has been cut down into two 18–inch pieces into a curved joint. Glue may be needed to secure. Drill a hole straight through both “sides“ of the circle on the top and bottom ends. Attach string through and secure with knots.

Step 3: Lay out the new “bow“ you have put together on newspaper along with several pieces of wooden down that you have cut down to 18–inches. Spray paint or “gild“ gold with the can of paint. With construction paper make arrow points and tails for the arrows, secure with glue

Step 4: To make the quiver (arrow holder), cut down wrapping paper tube to be about 15–inches. Spray paint gold and decorate with the heart stampers. When dry, punch two holes in the top and tie through a 2–foot long piece of string to be the handle.

Step 5: To assemble the costume, put on the tank top and fashion the fabric on your lower half as “diapers“ or a short wrap skirt; secure with the diaper pins. Sling the quiver full of arrows over your should and grab the homemade bow and you are ready to pierce hearts in the name of love.

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