Make your own Cruella Deville Costume

What is black and white and nasty all over? It’s Cruella Deville, she’s the Queen of Mean! This reviled villainess hunts poor, innocent Dalmatian puppies in Disney’s “101 Dalmations” in hopes of adding to her fur coat collection. This simply awful woman has a sickly complexion of white and a shock of half–black, half–white hair. From her stained red lips, a long cigarette holder dangles from her mouth making her even more unattractive. If you want to play the dark dame for once, make a Cruella Deville costume for your next event, but please, please spare the puppies!

Items needed to make your Cruella Deville Costume

Items Needed:
Black evening dress
Black hose
Black heels
1 ½ yards faux fur
Black paint
Red opera gloves
Cigarette holder
Cruella Deville wig


Step 1: Even though Cruella Deville dresses glamorously doesn’t mean she’s a fine lady. Wear your going out on the town best including a black evening dress, black hose and black heels. A 1950s retro feel to the dress and the shoes are perfect for the fashion of Cruella Deville.

Step 2: Create a fur stole with 1 ½ yards of white faux fur. To create, fold fur in half lengthwise (fur side in) and sew up along the long side and one short side. Turn stole right–side–out and fold under and sew tighter to remaining raw edges. Use black paint and a round–shaped stamper to create Dalmatian spots in a random pattern on the front of the stole; let dry and do underside.

Step 3: Wear elbow–length opera gloves in ruby red to match with her overdone lips. Along with her stole, a long cigarette holder is another accessory that Cruella Deville is never seen without.

Step 4: Finally, Cruella Deville is most noted for her bifurcated hair – half–black and half–white. Unless you’re willing to undergo a wacky dye job, just simple wear a Cruella wig featuring her trademark tresses.

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