Make your own Cowardly Lion Costume

From “The Wizard of Oz“, the character of the Cowardly Lion is a scaredy cat that is pretty much afraid of everything including his own shadow. In the end, the Cowardly Lion realizes that he was courageous all along and just needed to believe in himself. Let out your roar of confidence in a Cowardly Lion costume that you can make at home with a sweat suit and a few other easy to hunt items.

Items needed to make your Cowardly Lion Costume

Items Needed:
Tan or gold–yellow sweat pants
Tan or gold–yellow hooded sweat jacket
2 skeins yarn in a darker tan or gold color
Large blunt needle
yard faux fur in a darker tan or gold color
Face paints
Toy medal on ribbon


Step 1: The sweatpants and hooded sweat shirt will create the basis for your Cowardly Lion costume. Thread about 2 yards of yard into the needle and start sewing around the edges of the hood leaving loops that extend down about 3 to 4 inches. Keep repeating this all around the hood in many rows until you get a full mane of yarn hair.

Step 2: Cut a piece of faux fur that will fit onto the chest of your sweat jacket. If the jacket is zip–up style, then your will need to make a cut down the middle. Glue or sew the faux fur into place onto what will be the chest of the Lion. The extra scraps of fur can be cut to fit around the wrists of the jacket and ankles of the pants.

Step 3: Use a special effects paint kit and artistically paint a lion’s image on your face. You can pencil in whiskers on your Cowardly Lion costume or use an actual cat whisker kit.

Step 4: For the final touch that prove you are indeed brave, add an inexpensive medal on a grosgrain ribbon around your neck.

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