Make your own Cow Costume

Big, beautiful and bovine dressing up as a cow can be a really “mooooving“ experience. Cow costumes are more popular than you might think; from your basic barn yard cow to Elsie the dairy product promoting cow and the Chick File cows who urge customers to “eat for chicken“. With the right supplies and a little elbow grease you can make your own cow costume and be outstanding in your field!

Items needed to make your Cow Costume

Items Needed:
White painter’s jumpsuit
Black felt
Wonder Under fusable interfacing
Empty dozen egg carton
Pink paint
White knit cap
Big google eyes


Step 1: First up you’re going to need to find a white jumpsuit like professional painters wear. You could also use a pair of white sweats and a white sweat shirt. Laying the “Wonder Under“ (available at craft and fabric stores) under the felt and cut lots of spots for your cow. With an iron, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adhere your spots onto the jumpsuit in a randomly pleasing pattern.

Step 2: Cut the top off the egg carton and paint the bottom of the container with pink paint; set aside to dry. When the carton is dry, attach it vertically to the belly area to be the cow’s udders. To accomplish this, you will need to use a hole puncher to create a few holes along the edges and corners of the egg carton and then secure from the inside of the jumpsuit with safety pins.

Step 3: To create the cow’s head, glue jumbo sized google eyes to the front of the white knit cap. Make ears out of the felt and attach a few more spots for the complete look. For a cute look you could attach a silk daisy flower behind one of the ears.

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