Make your own Count Chocula Costume

Count Chocula is yummy, sweet chocolate goodness for the morning, or any other time of the day for that matter. Count Chocula is the vampire–like corporate mascot for the General Mills brand of cereal of the same. You’ll certainly want to sink your teeth into the chocolaty corn puff bits mixed with marshmallows. Along with the other monster–themed cereals such as Boo Berry, Frankenberrry, Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute, Count Chocula is a hit everyone who appreciates the most important meal of the day.

Items needed to make your Count Chocula Costume

Items Needed:
Brown pants
Brown jacket
White tuxedo shirt
Brown bow tie
2 yards dark brown fabric
Stiff interfacing
Brown or black ribbon
Brown shoes
White felt–back vinyl
Vampire fangs
Eye brow pencil


Step 1: Count Chocula is an aristocrat of noble upbringing and fine taste, so it goes without saying that dressing in dapper clothing is essential. Start with a tuxedo–look featuring brown trousers, a white bib–front tuxedo shirt with a bow tie or ascot.

Step 2: Finely appointed gentlemen, Counts included, should dress for the evening in a dinner jacket, preferably one with tails. If you are not able to find a brown tuxedo jacket with tails, then you may either sew one from a pattern just attach brown long triangle shapes hanging down from the back of a regular jacket.

Step 3: To make a cape for your Count Chocula costume is as simple as hemming a 1 ½ to 2 yard length of fabric on the bottom and then creating a collar and casing. To create the collar and casing, fold down the top about 6 inches and stitch along the edge. Then, about 1–inch above this stitch line, sew another parallel line of straight stitch. In the remaining 5–inches of folded down fabric, slip in a length of stiff interfacing and stitch into place. Run a ribbon through the 1–inch casing created earlier and gather up fabric. Wear the cape flung over your shoulders and tied at the neck.

Step 4: Create a pair of Victorian–era spats for your white shoes from white felt–backed vinyl (picnic tablecloth fabric). Refer to a picture of the style and cut accordingly; fasten with Velcro.

Step 5: To create the pale, never–seen–sun complexion of a vampire, use pale makeup all over your face along with dark rimmed eyes. Pop in a pair of faux plastic vampire bangs for a look that says you’re ready to munch.

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