Make your own Convict Costume

Whether you are in prison, jail, the big house, the pokey or any other number of slang names, you are still a convict. Deprived of personal freedoms in payment for being found guilty of a crime, being a convict isn’t something you don’t want to be unless it is for Halloween! Old–fashioned convicts on the chain gang are known for their black and white uniforms, but more modern versions are bright orange. It is so easy to make a bright orange Convict costume that will make you a marked man (or woman) at any event.

Items needed to make your Convict Costume

Items Needed:
Orange sweat pants
Orange crewneck sweatshirt
Or, painter’s jumpsuit
Orange fabric dye
Black permanent marker
Convict cap or painter’s cap
Grey duct tape
Aluminum foil


Step 1: Find a bright orange pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt without any embellishment. Or, you can purchase a white painter’s jumpsuit and orange fabric dye to create a more authentic look. Follow directions for dying your jumpsuit according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2: Use the black permanent marker to write in a prisoner identification number on the front left chest of your Convict costume.

Step 3: You can also wear a convict cap that you purchase or make with a painter’s cap that you have removed the bill and tinted orange with dye.

Step 4: Make shackles for your legs and arms with grey duct tape and foil. Do this by carefully unrolling the duct tape and sticking to foil and trimming off the excess. Next, create chain loops by cutting segments and taping secure and repeating process as if you were making a paper chain. Attach around ankles with enough room to allow walking. Repeat process for your arms. Or, if you prefer, you can wear faux handcuffs.

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