Make your own Construction Worker Costume

Working construction is tough job, but making a construction worker costume is so easy. With your own jeans and some tools of the trade, you’ll be ready to build your dreams from the ground up! Construction workers are known, not so much for their brains, but for their brawny good looks and rowdy personalities. You’ll be looking so good in a construction worker costume that you may actually be on the receiving end of a cat call or two!

Items needed to make your Construction Worker Costume

Items Needed:
Blue jeans
Hard–toe construction boots, or
boot covers
Tool belt
Plaid shirt
Orange safety vest
Hard hat
Metal lunch pail


Step 1: Start off your construction worker costume with a pair of blue jeans from your own wardrobe – any rough and tumble pair will do. For the shit, choose a long–sleeved plaid shirt in any number of manly color combinations; roll the sleeves off. As an alternative, you can also wear a pair of denim overalls or a navy coverall.

Step 2: Due to the dangerous conditions of the job, construction workers must take extra precautions with their clothing. You will want to wear the traditional hard hat to ensure that nothing heavy falls down and hits you on the head while you are on the job site; ditto for the feet, so wear hard–toe leather work boots.

Step 3: Another cautionary item in the construction worker’s wardrobe is an orange safety vest. This will ensure that everyone sees that you are on the job and will follow all the protocol for safety.

Step 4: Of course, you’ll need a leather tool belt that has plenty holes and hooks to attach your essential gear such as a hammer, tape measure and more. When the whistle blows at noon, make sure to grab your old–fashion looking aluminum lunch pail and head over to join the rest of the guys.

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