Make your own Confederate Costume

History buffs will appreciate being able to put together a Confederate costume that is historically accurate enough to wear to Civil War reenactments. Soldiers of the Confederate Army fought to stay out of the Union during the time era of 1861 through 1865. These young foot soldiers were known by their uniforms which were typically a grey pair of trousers with a uniform jacket with a yellow sash.

Items needed to make your Confederate Costume

Items Needed:
Light grey trousers
Light grey uniform jacket
Brass buttons
Yellow fabric
Wonder Under fusible interfacing
Yellow trim
Confederate hat


Step 1: For the basis of your Confederate costume, you’ll need a grey pair of pants and long suit jacket. The gray pants will be easy to find, but you may need a pattern for the jacket as it is very stylized to the Colonial era. The length of the jacket is long, reaching to the fingertips and the collar is a stand–up tab style.

Step 2: Sew on brass buttons to the jacket in a double–breasted fashion. Cut out yellow fabric to fit on the tab collar and cuffs and adhere to the suit jacket with fusible interfacing, ironed on according to manufacturer’s instructions. Embellish the sleeves, near the cuffs, with an intertwined flourish of yellow trim. Refer to a photograph for historical inspiration.

Step 3: You will also need a hat for your confederate costume. An enlisted man would bear a cap with a visor (similar to a baseball hat) that has a golden embellishment of two crossed rifles on the front. A higher–ranking officer wears an off–white hat that resembles a felt cowboy hat with a yellow cord.

Step 4: Add a faux sword or musket gun to your Confederate costume for a look that says you are ready for the battlefield.

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