Make your own Clown Costume

Perhaps you’ve always been the jokester of the family or maybe you’re inherently shy and it’s finally time to come out of your shell. A circus–inspired Clown costume is a silly, slap–stick way to make everyone smile and brighten the day. You’ll be smiling too, once you realize that you don’t have to go to clown college to put together a great clown costume.

Items needed to make your Clown Costume

Items Needed:
Oversized plaid suit
Derby hat
Huge clown shoes
Face paints or clown wig
Colored hair paint
Red plastic nose


Step 1: Clown suits don’t necessarily have to be the big jumpsuits with pompoms on the front. A cheesy plaid suit will be just as comical, especially paired with suspenders that you can guffaw about it. Check out Goodwill and all the thrift shops to find the perfect, loud plaid suit for your clown costume.

Step 2: Instead of a pointed clown hat, try a derby style hat in a bright color such as green or red. Occasionally, you’ll see a clown with a tiny derby hat perched on his head held on by elastic. Another play on proportions is to sport a pair of ridiculously jumbo–sized clown shoes, just be careful not to trip over your own feet!

Step 3: Clowns are famous for their crazy face paint. Special kits are sold with all the colors you’ll need for a clown face, however, it is up to you to decide how you want to look. Depending on how you feel you can paint up a happy face or a sad face.

Step 4: Don’t so excited about your clown costume that you forget about the hair! Clowns wear everything from rainbow wigs, red toupee wigs and even bald head wigs. Another alternative is to spray your hair with colored hair paints.

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