Make your own Clone Trooper Costume

Star Wars fans can join the ranks of Clone Troopers and fight for the Grand Army of the Republic. These genetically enhanced clone soldiers are known for their distinctive white armored uniforms. Show your unwavering loyalty for the Emperor Palpatine and the Dark Side in a uniform that you can make from home. Not only is it simple to do, but it is out of this world!

Items needed to make your Clone Trooper Costume

Items Needed:
Black sweatpants
Black sweatshirt
Black boots
White contact paper (sticky back)
Large pieces of scrap Styrofoam
Velcro, adhesive backed
Clone trooper helmet or,
Modified motorcycle helmet
Pretend weapons


Step 1: Wear the black sweat pants and the black sweatshirt as the base for your Clone Trooper costume. Referring to a picture of this Star Wars character, cut out pieces of glossy white contact paper in shapes of armor and stick to your arms and legs.

Step 2: Use the large pieces of the Styrofoam (the kind used to protect TVs and computers during shipping) to create the larger pieces of armor found on the shoulders and chest. You may need to use a serrated knife to cut these down into the appropriate shape and size. Attach to the sweatshirt with sticky–backed Velcro.

Step 3: You will also need a Clone Trooper helmet, which is available online, or you can make a modified version for your Clone Trooper costume from an old motorcycle helmet, spray paint and other recyclables. For you feet, wear black combat boots.

Step 4: To be an agent of the Dark Side, you’ll need some fierce weapons such as a DC–15 rifle, grenades or other tools of the trade. You can purchase replicas of the Star Wars versions, or make your own from cardboard and paint.

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