Make your own Cheerleader Costume

Perky, peppy, and pretty; these young yell–leaders are charged with raising the spirits of the fans in the stadium as well as the players on the field. Able to flip and jump and build human pyramids, cheerleading is actually quite an athletic even in itself. Kick off you night to a great start by dressing up as a cheerleader in a costume that made right at home.

Items needed to make your Cheerleader Costume

Items Needed:
Pleated mini skirt
Snug sweater
Large letter appliqué
Bobby socks
Saddle shoes
Colored Tissue Paper
Pipe cleaners
Poster board


Step 1: Look through your closed or a resale shop for a real cheerleader skirt or a mini–skirt with box–pleats. Coordinate this with a matching snug sweater or t–shirt that you have sewn on an appliqué letter (preferably collegiate style font) of your favorite team in the center of the chest.

Step 2: Wear folded down bobby socks and a pair of traditional black and white saddle shoes with your cheerleader costume. These type of shoes have a classic look while still allowing you to run and jump without getting hurt.

Step 3: For an eye–catching prop, make your own pompoms out of two colors of tissue paper that match with your outfit. Layer the one–half of the paper in alternating colors and cut into 1–inch strips. Stack all these strips on top of each other and secure tightly in the center with a twisted pipe cleaner. Fluff out to make pompom; repeat for remaining pompom. Bend the remainder of pipe cleaner that is not twisted into handles that you can hold on to.

Step 4: Make a megaphone by rolling up a piece of sturdy poster board, trimming as needed, and securing with tape or staples. Decorate with the name and mascot of the team you’re cheering on!

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