Make your own Caveman Costume

Don’t beat yourself over the head looking for the perfect costume for your next dress up event. A caveman costume is a great solution that is easy to make and still leaves you looking manly. Hollywood has created a stereotypical image of a Caveman, from the funny hipster Gieko caveman to the club–wielding brutes walked with the dinosaurs (hopefully you learned in history this isn’t true!).

Items needed to make your Caveman Costume

Items Needed:
2 yards faux fur
Quick dry modeling clay
Leather string
Jumbo bare feet
Long brown wig
Wooden club


Step 1: Lay out faux fur and fold over to make two layers. Using scissors, trim down selvaged sides to fit about 6–inches larger that your chest width. Next make cuts down from the folded side to create a one–shouldered look (the shoulder will be connected by the fold). Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to fasten up the sides. Next, cut along the hem to make a jagged, tattered hem.

Step 2: Use quick–dry modeling clay (the kind you don’t have to bake) to create bone and animal tooth shapes; poke a hole in the top with a skewer. After these dry, string them together with a leather string.

Step 3: Cavemen aren’t usually shown wearing footwear, but if you need to protect your tootsies then wear simple leather sandals or a hysterical pair of extra–large sized “bare“ feet.

Step 4: You’ll want to look like you haven’t combed or cut your hair in a really, really long time. If you have long hair, just rat it up or easier yet, just don a long, messy brown wig.

Step 5: Use some charcoal to rub on your face and chest for a look that says you haven’t been to the spa lately! Next, pick up your wooden club and get the prehistoric party started!

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