Make your own Cartman Costume

Bundled up but certainly not buttoned up, a Carman costume makes a comic choice for your next event. Suiting up in a South Park Cartman costume begins with all the warm, cozy items from your winter coat closet! A big puffy parka, fuzzy earmuffs, mittens and a scarf are required for a Cartman costume, but you also need some sassy attitude easily summoned by ‘tween and teen fans. Cartman is probably the most popular South Park characters and is simple to create on your own with some easy–to–find accessories and an irreverent attitude. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny are also other costume choices for a South Park costume and can be made similar to the Cartman costume with just a few modifications.

Items needed to make your Cartman Costume

Items Needed:
Red parka
Black pants
Black shoes
Blue knit hat
Fuzzy pom pom
Yellow gloves
Cartman mask
Face paints


Step 1: Rummage through your closet or a resale shop to find the winter weather gear needed to make a Cartman costume. To be a dead–on ringer for this comic character, a bright red parka is the first thing you’ll need

Step 2: For the bottom portion of your Cartman costume, select black pants or black jeans and a pair of dark athletic shoes that will keep you in style for a day of raucous behavior with your buddies.

Step 3: Purchase a simple dark or royal blue knit cap and sew a big, fluffy pompom on top. Also, wear a pair of yellow knit gloves to keep hands warm.

Step 4: A Cartman costume has a very stylized cartoon look with lends itself better to a mask. But, you could also create his goofy expression by looking at a picture of him and covering your face with colored face paint in the same way.

Step 5: Other Southpark costumes include Stan who wears a brown coat and blue hat and Kenny who wears a hooded tan coat and pants. Create the faces for these characters in the same way as a Cartman costume.

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