Make your own Cardinal Costume

If you are looking for a religious costume for the Catholic Church, a Cardinal costume is completely inspired. A Cardinal is a member of a council of elders who govern the Catholic church and are responsible for selecting a “runner–up“ for Pope in the event the current Pope is unable to serve. Named in honor the brightly crimson colored bird, a Cardinal’s costume features equally colorful robes. A Cardinal costume fits all sizes and is easy to make at home with a pattern, sewing machine and lots of red material.

Items needed to make your Cardinal Costume

Items Needed:
Robe pattern
Red fabric
Golden trim and cording
White fabric
Bible, prop or real
Large cross necklace
Cardinal hat


Step 1: Using a pattern, create a long and loose Cardinal costume from bright red fabric. The style should be floor–length and flowing with long, bell–shaped sleeves and a capelet over the shoulders. A wide red sash will be wrapped around the waist. Embellish the sash with golden fringe and the edge of the capelet with golden trim.

Step 2: Use a long length of white fabric, approximately 2 yards, to create a scarf that is worn draped over the shoulders with both sides hanging down past the waist in the front. You can also add appliqués of crosses near the bottom, if desired.

Step 3: Create a three–pointed Cardinal hat from cardboard, glue and red fabric. This is a very distinctive looking hat, so you may need to refer to a picture of this religious hat for creative inspiration.

Step 4: You will also want to accessorize your Cardinal costume with a prop or real bible and large cross necklace. You can make a cross necklace by gluing together two tongue depressors and attaching a long, black cord that can reach around your neck.

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