Make your own Burger King Costume

He’s a whopper of a guy, that Burger King! Sort of strange and a self–proclaimed subversive marketer, this royal man of meat is the really, really big face of the Burger King franchise. While his dominion may only be number 2, the Burger King will always be number 1 in our hearts. With just a few special ingredients you can whip up a Burger King costume that will make you the summit of sizzling flavor and the tops in taste.

Items needed to make your Burger King Costume

Items Needed:
Tan long–sleeve shirt
White tights
Black slippers
2 1/2 yards paisley velvet
White faux fur
Round plastic lid
Gold paint
Permanent marker
Burger King mask


Step 1: Create the base layer for your Burger King costume with a tan long–sleeved t–shirt, opaque white tights and a pair of black slippers.

Step 2: From a pattern, sew a knee–length robe of paisley print velvet; the robe will be sleeveless with a “V” neck so that much of the tan shirt shows through. If you are in a pinch you can skip making the paisley robe and read an old choir or graduation robe you might have hanging in the closet. From white faux fur, cut a collar for whichever robe you choose and sew on with needle and thread.

Step 3: The King wears a medallion around his neck announcing the name of his kingdom. To make your own, use a round plastic lid from a margarine tub and spray paint it gold. After the paint dries, punch a hole in the top and thread with a chain or cord and use a black permanent marker to add detailing to your regal necklace.

Step 4: The face of the Burger King is so distinctive that you will want to wear the specific latex mask. This full head mask, features the oddly large head of the in King, his slightly creepy smile, and a crown emblazoned with the trademark Burger King logo.

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