Make your own Bunny Costume

One of the most popular sexy costumes is the Bunny costume. No, not a furry rabbit suit, but an eye–popping uniform created for Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Bunnies who were cocktail servers in the sophisticated Playboy Clubs. Actually, the iconic look of this bunny suit was the first work uniforms to be registered with a patent in the United States. If you’re planning on hopping around town, it is easy to make a bunny costume with the right supplies and a little wiggle of the nose.

Items needed to make your Bunny Costume

Items Needed:
Black or pink leotard
1 yard marabou trim in black, white or pink
Fishnet tights
High heel pumps
Black felt
White felt
Bunny ears


Step 1: Cover your bunny body with a leotard in black, pink or even white. A strapless, satin leotard with corseting detailing would be ideal, but you can also use a basic sleeveless, scoop–neck leotard. Glue or sew your color choice in marabou trim around the neckline and save a little piece to roll up and glue on the rear as a little, fluffy bunny tail.

Step 2: Under the leotard, wear a pair of fishnet tights in a color that coordinates with your leotard. You can wear full–length fishnet tights or even thigh–high fishnet stockings. Of course, you’ll want to show off your legs even more in a pair of sexy, high–heeled black pumps.

Step 3: With black felt and glue, create two shirtsleeve “cuffs“ that can be worn around your wrists. With the white and black felt, fashion a detached collar and black bow tie for that formal, feminine look.

Step 4: Of course, any proper bunny costume needs a pair of bunny ears to keep you pointed in the right direction when you’re hopping down the trail or doing the trademark Playboy bunny “dip“.

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