Make your own Bull Fighter Costume

A sport popular in Spain and around the world, Bull Fighting is exciting and sometimes scary. The bull fighter, also called a matador, waits in his fancy costume in the center of the ring and waits for the bull to come towards him. The bull fighter will wave a cape of red to attract the bull with the movement of the fabric. The bull fighter’s main goal is to avoid being gored and then secondly to kill the bull as a conquest. If you feel like flirting with danger (or would just like to pretend), a Bull Fighter costume is for you.

Items needed to make your Bull Fighter Costume

Items Needed:
Black knit sweat pants
Gold trim
Gold and/or silver glitter fabric paint
Red knit sweat pants
White socks
Black shoes
White shirt
1 ½ yards red fabric
Black ribbon
Matador hat


Step 1: To make matador pants, use a pair of black knit sweat pants and cut them off about 6 inches below the knee. Fold under the raw edge and sew down leaving an opening to thread through elastic; repeat for other side. Take gold trim and sew onto the outsides of legs in either a straight stripe pattern or a looping design.

Step 2: To make the cropped, long–sleeved jacket, take a red sweat shirt and cut off the wrist cuffs, neck band and waist band. Cut the jacket along the bottom hem so that it fits you exactly at the waistline; cut straight up from the front bottom center to the front neck center to create the opening. Next cut bottom corners into a curved edge for the rounded look of a Bolero jacket. Use more gold trim and glitter fabric paints to create adornments with a Spanish flair.

Step 3: Next make the red cape with a 1 ½ yard length of red fabric. Hem one raw edge and turn down the other raw edge about 1–inch and sew to make a casing for ribbon to be gathered through.

Step 4: To assemble your bull fighter costume, wear black shoes with white knee socks, matador pants and bolero jacket layered over a white shirt. Next tie the cape around your neck and let it dangle over your shoulders. Finally, to make your bull fighter costume complete, you will need the very distinctive looking matador hat.

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