Make your own Boxer Costume

Knock ‘em out in the ring with a Boxer costume that is as smooth as your moves. You’ll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in a flashy prize fighter costume that is all talk AND all action. Even the most worthy opponents will quake once they realize you pack a powerful punch and a mighty fine style.

Items needed to make your Boxer Costume

Items Needed:
Silk or satin robe
Iron–on letters
Silk or satin boxer shorts
Boxing gloves
Cut and contusion make–up kit
Faux blood
Gold spray paint
Black permanent pen
Wide black belt


Step 1: You could use a pattern to sew up a boxing robe, but it is much quicker and easier to purchase a silk or satin robe. You could use an official hooded boxing robe, but for a boxing costume, a lounging robe works just fine.

Step 2: Following the manufacturer’s instructions, spell out your prize–fighting name and iron on the back of the robe in an arched design.

Step 3: Find a pair of silk or satin boxer shorts that match the color of your robe. Again, the lounging kind of boxer shorts is easy to find for your boxer costume, but if you prefer longer shorts they can be sewn from a pattern.

Step 4: On your feet, wear a pair of athletic sneakers to keep bouncing around the ring. You’ll want a pair of boxing gloves for your hands and these can easily be found at a costume shop.

Step 5: For a winning look, create a huge golden belt won and worn by a prizefighter. Cut a large oval from a scrap of cardboard and spray paint metallic gold; decorate with a black permanent marker. Attach to a wide belt and wear around your waist with the boxer shorts.

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