Make your own Big Bad Wolf Costume

Little Red Riding Hood is a favorite childhood story, even though it has a terrible ending. This sweet little girl skipped through the forest to bring a basket of muffins to her ailing grandmother, only to find a nasty wolf dressed in a nightgown and bonnet hiding in grandma’s bed instead. If you like to play the bad guy, then dust off your scissors and glue gun because it is time to make a Big Bad Wolf costume.

Items needed to make your Big Bad Wolf Costume

Items Needed:
Big flannel nightgown
White sleeping bonnet
Furry gloves
Werewolf mask


Step 1: The Big Bad Wolf is known for him impersonation of Granny before he gobbles up Little Red Riding Hood. To do this, looking like an older lady getting ready for sleep is essential. A long, plaid flannel gown is perfect for this naughty canine look. Either borrow a nightgown from your own mother or grandmother or pick up one inexpensively at a discount store.

Step 2: Add a pair of furry gloves worn peeking out from the sleeves of your nightgown. If you can’t find werewolf gloves, wear a pair of brown knit gloves that you glue with tufts of brown faux fur.

Step 3: You’ll definitely need a wolf mask, either a werewolf or wolf man character mask will be a howling success. Top your mask off with a white sleeping bonnet to “disguise“ your identity as a wolf. These type bonnets were very popular in times past as a way top keep hair (which wasn’t styled very often) from getting messed up during the night.

Step 4: My, what big eyes you have! A pair of fake glasses perched on the wolf mask will also help you channel Granny even more. You can also carry a quilt or shawl wrapped around your shoulders.

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