Make your own Belly Dancer Costume

Belly Dancing is an ancient form of dance originally practiced in Egypt and now performed throughout the world. Know for colorful costumes and lots of hip shaking, belly dancers are quite entertaining at occasions such as weddings and other social events. Almost as quick as you can snap a finger or shake a booty, you can design a belly dancer costume for your next dress up event.

Items needed to make your Belly Dancer Costume

Items Needed:
Colorful leotard or bra top
Ornate trims and embellishments
Several yards of chiffon fabric
Elastic, length of waist
Charms from craft store
Coin belts
Middle Eastern inspired jewelry
Belly ring or large rhinestone
Ballet slippers


Step 1: Pick a leotard or bra top in any bright or jewel–tone color that you prefer. Use fabric glue to attach decorative trims, fringes and trinkets such as charms and coins; set aside to dry.

Step 2: With chiffon fabric, cut a piece large enough to word as a long sleeve and sew to the straps of the bra or leotard. Don’t worry about sewing the seam running down inside the arm, just tie loosely around the wrist for a billowy effect.

Step 3: Use more chiffon fabric and the elastic to create a skirt for your belly dancer costume; you can freestyle this or use a pattern. Several layers in different colors make for an interesting effect with your belly button costume. You can sew small trinkets and charms along the hem for a jingly effect.

Step 4: Wear a Middle–eastern inspired coin belt, necklaces and long, dangly earrings. If you have a pierce belly button, wear a ring featuring a large jewel or simply stick one in there! Finally for your feet, wear simple ballet flats so that it will be easy to dance around in your Belly Button costume.

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