Make your own Beetles Costume

Look as if you just hopped over the pond and flashed back a few decades in a rock and roll Beetles costume. Hailing from Liverpool, England, this group of talented artists took the U.S. musical scene by storm in the 1960s. With screaming groupies and dozens of chart topping hits, the Beetles songs are just as relevant and popular today as they were when first released. If you are a fan of the Beetles, it is easy make your own costume and rock out with your air band.

Items needed to make your Beetles Costume

Items Needed:
Dark 60s–inspired suit
White shirt
Skinny black tie
Black dress shoes
Beatles wig
Small round glasses
Prop guitar


Step 1: Based on some of the earliest stage wear that this group performed in, a Beetles costume centers on a men’s suit designed with a 1960s flair. Select a black or dark grey suit with trousers that fall into a narrow taper and a suit jacket with a small, conservative lapel. Start your hunt for the perfect Beetles suit at a vintage store or resale shop or improvise and use a suit you wear to work.

Step 2: Under the Beetles suit, wear a white dress shirt and a skinny black tie that was popular back in the day. A white t–shirt will suffice if you don’t have these items for your Beetles costume. For footwear, slip into a basic black lace up or loafer–style shoes.

Step 3: If you are heading out as one of the fabulous four, then you need to get the hair right. The Beetles maid hairstyle history that the younger generations revered and the older folks reviled! The hair style that goes with this early era Beetles costume is a long bowl style that was considered scandalous for the times! Beetles costume wigs are available if your hair isn’t up to par.

Step 4: Accessorize with a pair of black–rimmed glasses or round spectacles in the style that legend John Lennon made famous. Don’t forget to bring along an inflatable prop guitar or homemade guitar you have crafted from a cardboard and paint to get the party started.

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