Make your own Beetlejuice Costume

Now you can be the “ghost with the most“ in a Beetlejuice costume that you make yourself. Inspired by the character in Tim Burton’s movie “Beetlejuice“, this overgrown and obnoxious poltergeist does his best to scare off live humans from the house of a recently deceased couple. With just a little bit of creativity and time, you can get suited up as this anxiety–inducing apparition portrayed by actor Michael Keaton.

Items needed to make your Beetlejuice Costume

Items Needed:
Black and white striped suit or,
Black suit and white duct tape
White dress shirt
Black skinny tie
Black shoes
White, grey and black face paints
White wig


Step 1: It’s going to be tough to find a black and white striped zoot suit like the one worn by Beetlejuice. You might get lucky and find something it a vintage or resale shop or you might want to try out shortcut instead. Just take a pair of black pants and a black jacket and make your own “stick on“ stripes out of white duct tape.

Step 2: Underneath the crazy suit, wear a white shirt and think black tie not that that a conservative shirt and tie will tone down the wild look of a Beetlejuice costume! Don’t forget to add a pair of black dress shoes or black sneakers if you’ve got a busy night planned.

Step 3: Over the head full face masks are available featuring Beetlejuice’s facial features. But, you’ll be much more comfortable using white, grey and black face paints along with a shock of white hair to achieve his ghastly image. Smear white paint all over your face and then darken in the eyes for a ghoulish, sullen look. If you aren’t prematurely white–haired then you can don an official Beetlejuice wig or even an Einstein–type wig.

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