Make your own Beer Can Costume

Looking for the perfect costume to wear to a frat party or Oktoberfest? A guy or gal in a Beer Can costume is a welcomed and refreshing guest at any hoppin’ party. Show off your good taste with a silly and sudsy costume that is as easy to make as popping the tab on a c old one.

Items needed to make your Beer Can Costume

Items Needed:
Large, clean plastic trash can
Silver spray paint
Assorted paint colors
Grey or black long–sleeved shirt
Grey or black tights
Grey or black shoes
Humorous accessories (see below)


Step 1: Hit the home improvement mega store and purchase a large plastic trash can which will serve as the basis for your suds–loving creation. The size you buy depends on how large you are; ideally the trash should reach from your shoulders down to your knees.

Step 2: Set aside the lid (you won’t need it) and turn the trash can upside down. With a heavy–duty pair of scissors, hand saw or box cutters, create an opening in the bottom of the trash can (which is now the top), that is large enough to stick your head through. Next, approximate how far down on the sides to create arm holes and create openings in the same manner.

Step 3: In a well–ventilated area, use metallic silver spray paint to cover the entire outside of the garbage can. After dried, use a Sharpie to freehand the logo and text of your favorite brand of beer (I know, I know it may be hard to pick one favorite beer). Use a brush and colorful paints to fill in the detail of your rendition.

Step 4: As the base layer for your Beer Can costume, wear a grey or black shirt and pants. And, to really show your “sole“ for beer, a pair of glittery silver sneakers would put this costume over the top.

Step 5: To add a clever flavor to your Beer costume, add a humorous prop. For example, go as Budweiser, “The King of Beers“ by wearing a crown on your head. Or, funnier yet, turn any Beer costume into “Lite“ by wearing a lampshade as a hat.

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