Make your own Bee Costume

Create all the buzz at your next party by showing up as a Bee. Social little creatures, these insects are most noted for their yellow and black stripes and nasty little stinger. Without straying too far from your hive, you can create your own Bee costume out of dancewear and simple craft materials.

Items needed to make your Bee Costume

Items Needed:
Black leotard or T–shirt
Black tights
Black balloon
Yellow Duct Tape
Sheer black wings or black pantyhose and coat hangers
Black pipe cleaners
Yellow pompoms
Extra props such as a tiara, axe, etc.


Step 1: Find a good leotard that suits your tastes; tank–style or with sleeves both work. Also required is a decent pair of opaque black tights. If you are a dancer or work–out often, you probably have these items in your wardrobe. If not, they can easily be picked up at a discount store. If you are more modest about showing off your figure, then wear a large black T–shirt that hangs down to mid–thigh in lieu of the leotard.

Step 2: Use yellow duct tape to make horizontal stripes around the leotard or T–shirt. Blow up black balloon and wrap in yellow tape stripes as well; fashion a “stinger“ out of a bit of the yellow tape and stick onto the end of the balloon. Use tape or string to attach this bee part to your rear end.

Step 3: Slip on a pair of black sheer wings. These “fairy“ type wings can be found at costume shops or you can make a pair by stretching black pantyhose over an outline frame made from wire coat hangers.

Step 4: Use hot glue gun to attach pipe cleaners to headband, add pompoms to the top for the cutest antennae. You can customize your Bee costume with accessories; a honey bee could carry a bottle of honey, a killer bee costume should wield a bloody fake axe, a queen bee could wear a tiara you get the idea!

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