Make your own Beatles Costume

Start a British Invasion of your own dressed in a Beatles costume. The Beatles were a rock and roll phenomenon from Liverpool, England that started in the 1960s. This group of talented musicians are know as the most famous musical group of all time; their songs are just as relevant and popular today as they were when first released. A Beatles costume is easy to make at home and in no time you’ll be rocking out to a crowd of fans.

Items needed to make your Beatles Costume

Items Needed:
Dark 60s–inspired suit
White shirt
Skinny black tie
Black dress shoes
Beatles wig
Small round glasses
Prop guitar


Step 1: To create a Beatles costume inspired by their earliest outfits, the biggest factor is getting a men’s suit designed in a Sixties style. Choose a black or dark grey suit with narrowly pegged pants and a jacket with a narrow lapel. A vintage store or resale shop would be a great place to start looking for a conservative yet hip suit like this.

Step 2: Under the suit, wear a white dress shirt and a narrow, skinny black tie. If you don’t have either of these items, you can just wear a white t–shirt. Wear basic black lace up or loafer–style shoes on your feet.

Step 3: The Beatles were known for their iconic hairstyles. The younger generations loved to emulate the longer hair worn by this trend–setting rock group, but older folks just couldn’t tolerate it. Beatles wigs are available in a long bowl style cut reminiscent of their earlier hairstyles.

Step 4: For a finishing touch, wear a pair of black–rimmed glasses or round spectacles in the style of John Lennon. Also, for a ready–to–rock look, bring along an inflatable prop guitar or homemade guitar you have crafted from a cardboard and paint.

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