Make your own Batgirl Costume

A popular superhero in the DC Comic Universe, Batgirl can keep up with all the boys including Batman and Robin. Her alter ego, Barbara Gordon, is a mild–mannered librarian in Gotham City, but when not working she’s chasing out the criminal element. It isn’t hard at all to put together a convincing Batgirl costume that will look as lovely kicking back or kicking butt.

Items needed to make your Batgirl Costume

Items Needed:
Grey leotard
Yellow and black paint pens
Black dance skirt
Black tights
Black cape
Black socks
Black boots
Back felt
Eye mask


Step 1: Pick out a grey leotard that suits your figure; long–sleeve, short–sleeve or even a tank–top style work just well. Use paint pens intended for fabric to mark the bat symbol on the chest area; let dry completely.

Step 2: Layer a black dance skirt over opaque tights and wear a pair of black boots for the bottom half of the Batgirl costume. If you don’t have a flouncy, dance–style skirt, then a black mini skirt will make a fine substitution.

Step 3: Purchase a long black cape, preferably with a jagged hem to go along with the Batgirl costume. A cape meant for a witch or vampire will work just fine. Or, you can sew one with several yards of black fabric and a long ribbon to the tie.

Step 4: Make gauntlets for your forearms by taking a pair of black socks and cutting the feet off at the ankles. Fold under the raw edges of the socks and use a glue gun or a sewing machine to secure.

Step 5: Instead of wearing a full–face mask which can be hot and stuffy, use a headband that you have embellished with felt ears and a black eye mask to conceal your true identity.

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