Make your own Barney Rubble Costume

“The Flinstones“ was a long–running animated series in the 1970s that is still popular today, in part, of course, to the character Barney Rubble. Barney Rubble was the cave–man–like neighbor who acted as Fred’s faithful sidekick. Barney’s pretty brunette wife, Betty, was good friends with Wilma Flintstone. Fans of this Stone–Age series can create a Barney Rubble costume that is sure to go down in history. Yabba–dabba–do!

Items needed to make your Barney Rubble Costume

Items Needed:
3 yards heavy brown fabric
1 yard brown plush faux fur
Fabric glue
Safety pins
Yellow wig
Leather sandals or “barefoot“ shoe covers
Wooden club
Bone necklace


Step 1: Barney Rubble’s costume is basically a “man dress“ that appears to be crafted from leather from some sort of prehistoric beast. You can replicate this style with regular heavy brown fabric, pleather or ultra suede. To create the tunic, fold fabric in half crosswise. Trim down sides to amply accommodate your girth. On the folded part of material, cut a triangle shape to create the opening for your head. With a sewing machine, sew up the sides starting from the bottom and going straight up, leaving room for your arms to hang out. Trim the sleeves with jagged. pointy edges.

Step 2: Cut the faux fur into strips that are 4 6 inches wide. Using fabric glue, attach this fur along the neckline and bottom hem. Also use the brown faux fur to create a cuff for each wrist that can be attached with safety pins.

Step 3: If you don’t have blonde hair, wear a blonde spiky wig there are several choices available from a more realistic wig to a wig that looks straight from the cartoons. Or, you could even spray in yellow hair paint.

Step 4: Accessorize your Barney costume with a wooden club and the proper footwear. You can either wear simple sandals, or wear a pair of over–sized costume “bare feet“. Also a necklace made with a bone would lend a Stone Age style.

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