Make your own Barbie Costume

Even though Barbie is 50 years now, she doesn’t look a day older than when she first hit the market. Barbie is a totally modern doll who has it all; good looks, many fabulous careers, a steady boyfriend, a fabulous pink townhouse and more. Making your own Barbie costume is like playing dolls in real life, just pick your favorite look of this fashionista and copy it for yourself. If you don’t have Barbie like clothes in your closet, then just ask a feminine friend to borrow some.

Items needed to make your Barbie Costume

Items Needed:
Long blonde wig
Pink dress
High heels
Sparkly accessories


Step 1: Since Barbie is known for her fine tastes in fashion, wearing anything you think is feminine and fun and you’ll look like a living doll. For a traditional look, pick out a pink cocktail length dress that shows off your long legs and tiny waist (can you beat Barbie’s 19–inch waist?) You can also dress one of Barbie’s many professions such as doctor, flight attendant, veterinarian or princess!

Step 2: Of course, you’ll want to pair your pretty pink dress with a pair of high heels and sparkling jewelry. There is no certain style that Barbie wears, but the more “bling“ the better for earrings, necklaces and a bracelet.

Step 3: Barbie is known for her cascading, long blonde hair which she wears in various ways such as let down, in a pony tail, French twist or a bun. If you don’t have naturally blonde hair, then just simply don a blonde wig.

Step 4: For your make up, wear soft pinks and pastels to replicate the picture–perfect complexion of Barbie. You can even use some glitter lotion on your shoulders for a special night.

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