Make your own Baby Costume

You are never to old to regress! Dressing up as a baby is a hysterical costume choice for your next party, if fact, some folks have a fetish for it! Whether you are a bouncing baby boy or little pink princess, you’ll love being the center of attention. Everyone will want to cootchy–coo you, burp you and play patty cake with you. Create you own baby layette and infant accoutrements and get ready for a big “little“ time.

Items needed to make your Baby Costume

Items Needed:
Footed sleeper in pink or blue
1 12“x 18“ sheet white craft foam
1 12“ x 18“ sheet blue or pink craft foam
1 yard of lace
Glue gun
2 dessert–sized paper plates
Handful of dried beans
Wooden paint stirrer (freebie from home supply store)
Paint, markers, stickers
Teddy bear


Step 1: The footed sleeper will be the basis for your baby costume, pink or blue is up to your. Everyone agrees there is nothing better that hugging a snuggly baby in a footed sleeper!

Step 2: Make a baby bonnet from the white craft foam. First draw a half–circle shape that spans the long width of the foam. On the flat side, draw a small arc that conforms to the curve of your head. Heat up glue gun and secure lace along top perimeter. Next, punch holes in each of the two angles and tie a length of ribbon through each. To wear, place on top of your head and tie in a bow under your chin.

Step 3: Make a baby bib in the same way with the pink or blue craft foam. Cut out a bib shape, glue on lace and attach ribbon through holes punched at the top.

Step 4: Make a big rattle to entertain yourself with paper plates, a wooden paint stirrer and paint, markers, stickers or whatever other embellishments you like. Add a handful of beans on the a right–side up plate, line the edges with glue and top with another plate upside down. Before glue dries, stick in a wooden paint stirrer for the handle. When dry, decorate as you please!

Step 5: For the final touch, carry around a Teddy bear with your sweet baby costume.

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