Make your own Austin Powers Costume

If you secretly aspire to be a secret agent but still want to express your grrrr–ooovy side, then an Austin Powers costume is for you! Based on the main character from the film series featuring his name, this colorful and flamboyant “International Man of Mystery“ will make a costume that will be a total babe magnet (despite the hideous teeth). With a few Sixties–inspired garments and fun costume pops, you’ll be well on your way to ridding the world of evil.

Items needed to make your Austin Powers Costume

Items Needed:
Velvet suit
White shirt with lacy jabot and cuffs
Black dress shoes
Shaggy wig
Black–rimmed glasses
Fake “bad“ teeth


Step 1: Since the character of Austin Powers was cryogenically frozen in the swinging Sixties and thawed out 30 years later, his fashion sense is more than a little out of date. While Austin Powers is shown in several costumes through the movies, one memorable outfit is a royal blue velvet suit. With a pattern and fabric you could recreate the big screen look almost exactly or, instead, shop the vintage stores for any brightly colored velvet jacket and trousers.

Step 2: Quite the dandy, Austin Powers always sports a fancy shirt with a lace jabot or cravat and lace cuffs that peek out from under the jacket. This style of shirt may be hard to find, but you can make a substitute by pinning on lace to a regular white button–down dress shirt.

Step 3: If your hair is long enough comb it forward in a long bowl–like style. Or, you can find and Austin Powers costume wig that will instantly give you the look that will make the ladies go wild.

Step 4: To finish off the costume, add black loafers with white socks, a pair of black–rimmed eyeglasses and Austin Power’s very notable crooked and bad teeth. You can find official Austin Powers teeth or other similar models that go by the name “bubba teeth“ or “hillbilly teeth“.

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