Make your own Astronaut Costume

Ever since the first space explorers traveled into the great unknown, children and adults alike have aspired to be like these great men and women. It is difficult to become an astronaut, requiring many years of education, special training and persistence, it is easy to dress up in an Astronaut costume. In fact, you can make a stellar astronaut costume from supplies you have at home and a few good props.

Items needed to make your Astronaut Costume

Items Needed:
White jumpsuit
Assorted patches
White Gloves
Moon boots
Cardboard box
Flexible tubing
Motorcycle helmet
White and silver spray paint


Step 1: For the main garment of an Astronaut costume, you will need a long–sleeved white jumpsuit. You can sew one from a pattern, or easier yet, you can purchase a pair of white coverall jumpsuits that professional painters wear.

Step 2: Sew American flag and NASA patches to the jumpsuit. If you can’t find these emblems, search online and print them in color from your home computer. You can then attach these homemade patches to your astronaut costume with clear packing tape.

Step 3: Create an oxygen pack to wear over your shoulders like a backpack from a discarded cardboard box, empty 2–liter soda bottles and flexible tubing (similar to what is used in swimming pool maintenance or in hospitals). Referring to a picture of an astronaut’s gear, create your interpretation of an oxygen pack and paint it with sliver and white spray paint.

Step 4: Spray paint an old motorcycle helmet white with silver accents. You can also add a flag and a NASA emblem to this piece of space headgear as well.

Step 5: For the finishing touch, slip on a pair of white gloves and moon boots for a look that is totally out of this world.

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