Make your own Army Costume

The army is one of the seven branches of the United States Armed Force and deploys troops on around the world. A stereotypical Army Costume features the fatigues worn in combat; however, the camouflage print will vary in color based on whether the fighting action is in the jungle or desert. Because wearing camouflage prints is a trendy form of casual wear, it will be easy to put together an Army costume from your own closet.

Items needed to make your Army Costume

Items Needed:
Camouflage Pants
Camouflage Shirt
Clear packing tape
Cargo belt
Combat boots
Toy dog tags
Face Paints
Toy weapons


Step 1: Head out on a mission to find a pair of camouflage pants and a camouflage shirt for your GI Joe costume. If you don’t already own these items, try shopping at a thrift shop, casual clothing store, or better yet, an Army surplus store. You’ll get the most authentic look from fatigues purchased from an Army Surplus store, plus you will probably find other great authentic gear for your military look such as a cargo belt, canteen or bullet bandoliers.

Step 2: Get the look of real Army patches and awards by doing an internet search for “army patch“ or “military patch“ and browsing through the results. Instead of actually ordering the real patch, just print out in color, trim and stick onto your shirt with clear packing tape. You can also turn a pair of toy dog tags into GI Joe tags by penning on his name with permanent marker.

Step 3: If you wanting to hide, even in the urban jungle, paint your face up in camouflage to match your GI Joe costume. Use grease pens in shades of green and brown to achieve a look that will have you hiding in plain sight. You can even take some leaves and branches and stick them in your hair!

Step 4: Every GI Joe costume needs at least one toy weapon, such as a machine gun, dagger or grenade. You’ll be the blast of any party!

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