Make your own Aladdin Costume

Even if you are not a true prince, you can at least dress like you are privileged in an Aladdin costume. This kindly pauper, who impersonates royalty and ends up with the beautiful princess Jasmine in the end, is a character from an old Arabic tale name “1001 Arabian Nights“ later, of course, it was made even more famous by Disney’s adaptation. It is easy to make an Aladdin costume all by yourself and will transform you into regular guy to chic sultan.

Items needed to make your Aladdin Costume

Items Needed:
Harem–style pants
Loose white shirt
Bolero vest
Gold fabric for sash
Gold fabric for turban
Long cape
Faux jewels


Step 1: Ask your friends to borrow a pair of loose–fitting harem pants, or look for them in a resale shop. If you are unable to fit a pair, then wear a pair of solid color sweat pants with elastic in the ankles.

Step 2: Wear a loose, billowy shirt with front tie strings, a peasant–style shirt will work well.

Step 3: Using a pattern or your imagination, create a short bolero–style vest from a bright color of your choice. You can also create the vest from a sweatshirt that is one size to big. Just cut off the arms and the waistband, rounding the edges as you cut up the front opening. Layer this vest over the white shirt.

Step 4: Cut a length of gold fabric long enough to be a sash that hangs down in the front. Also, refer to a picture to create a matching turban for your head. Glue on faux jewels (available at a craft store) onto the front for a regal look.

Step 5: Wear your Aladdin costume with sandals or Middle–Eastern style shoes. Now you are ready to take off on your magic carpet ride.

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