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Men's Gomez Addams Costume

Men's Gomez Addams Costume

Men's Gomez Addams Costume - Gomez Adams Family Adult Costume Meet Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Thing, Cousin it, and Uncle Fest...

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The Addams Family is a dark yet loveable group of fictional characters originally created by cartoonist Charles Addams and later expanded to television and movies.  Not like your typical American family, The Adams family is a well-to-do, bizarre family who love all things macabre.  Head of this eccentric family is Gomez Addams, a well-educated lawyer who has an unusual amount of free time to play with his toy trains and ogle his wife Morticia.

Gomez Addams Costumes Ideas

It is a snap, snap, snap to dress up in a Gomez Addams costume for Halloween or other dark event.  Father knows best at 0001 Cemetery Lane, especially about dressing well, in his dapper and debonair suit fashioned in a black pin stripes and double breasted style. Slick back your hair, add a pencil thin mustache and puff on a fine cigar for a Gomez Addams costume look that your macabre mistress will swoon over.  Get your girl gothed up as Morticia , the vampire-esque wife and mother of the Adams Family. Her pale complexion, long black hair and a slinky black gown tends to get Gomez Addams worked up in a frenzy. Son Pugsley and “oh-woe-is-me” daughter Wednesday  round out his unusual family.

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