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Black Belly Dancing Hip Scarf

Black Belly Dancing Hip Scarf

Black Belly Dancing Hip Scarf - When belly dancers move their bodies they are in absolute control of their torso. It sounds like som...

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The Best Belly Dancing Costumes Ideas

Hip shaking isn’t a modern dance move. Belly dancing, indigenous to North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, is one of the oldest social dances found in world history. This beautiful dance is often performed for fun and special occasions by women (and men!) during celebrations such as weddings and other fun get-togethers. These old-world dance moves continue to be passed down in dance classes and shared from generation to generation.

Belly Dancing Costumes Ideas

Belly dancing costumes are designed to enhance hip shaking and body isolations.  Belly dancer costumes usually features a bra-style top decorated with fringe, beads or coins, a matching embellished hip belt or coin belt and a layered sheer skirt or harem pants. A sheer veil is also often used during the dance to amplify both the twirling movements and body isolations. Belly dancer costumes are available in many colors, styles and sizes – even a harem outfit for your dog!  For a traditional bedlah look try the “Deluxe Dancer” belly dancing costume and get your body in motion! For laughs, the “Harem Scarem” costume is sure to be a HUGE attention getter, as a belly dancer costume with some extra padding around the middle! Arabian style costumes, such as the Sultan and Jasmine from Aladdin also make interesting belly dancing costumes

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