Make your own Sumo Costume

You’ll have a good time and a good belly laugh in a Sumo costume that you can create yourself. Based on the centuries–old sport from Japan, the goal of sumo wrestling is to force another wrestler out of a circular ring or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet. Sumo wrestlers take the sport very seriously, training and purifying for months before competitions. However, it seems they can eat whatever they want since Sumos are known for being quite formidable in size. So go ahead and live larger than life in a big, bad Sumo costume.

Items needed to make your Sumo Costume

Items Needed:
Nude colored body stocking or,
Nude tights and nude stretchy shirt
Poly fiber fill
Black fabric
Sumo wig


Step 1: Wondering how to gain 100 pounds and be able to use it the next day? Just wear a nude colored body stocking or nude tights and a top (all available at a dance shop). Buy these at least one size larger than your normal size because you will be stuffing them (after put on) with poly fiber fill to make a big belly, tremendous thighs and ample arms. Use as much stuffing to correspond to as big as you want to be.

Step 2: Fashion a loin cloth, called a mawashi in Japan, from black cloth. If you are modest, don’t worry because you will be covered up by the stuffed body stocking. However, you can also wear a fringed kesho–mawashi, which is a long embroidered skirt that hangs down only in the front, still revealing the back. At least you’ll always feel a cool breeze!

Step 3: To finish the look of your Sumo costume, pull your long black hair straight up on the top of the head very tightly and loop and secure ends. Or, simpler yet is to wear the distinctive Sumo costume wig.

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