Make your own Police Costume

When cruisin’ the beat, looking the part of an authoritative police officer is a must. People will respect you when you step onto the scene in a police costume and women may surrender themselves into your arms of the law. It’s a punishable offense to wear a substandard uniform when you can create a Police costume that is tops right at home. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a cop, Johnny Law, or the sheriff, all the items for a police costume are probably already standard issue in your closet while the other accessories and props are easy to find.

Items needed to make your Police Costume

Items Needed:
Navy pants
Navy dress shirt, long or short sleeves
Black shoes
Police hat
Black belt
Pretend pistol
Cardboard scrap
Gold paint
Black marker
Toy handcuffs


Step 1: Create the foundation for a standard issue police officer with a pair of dark navy pants and, depending on the weather outside, a short or long–sleeved dress shirt. Depending on how much running around is on your night shift, a pair of black sneakers or dress shoes is appropriate footwear.

Step 2: Add a wide black belt that will accommodate a holster and other gadgets and gear that is required for a police officer. Fill it up with a pretend piston, a baton, toy handcuffs and whatever else your evening requires.

Step 3: Make a police badge from a scrap piece of cardboard. This is easy to do cutting it into the shield shape and painting with metallic gold paint. After the paint dries, add detail with a black permanent marker.

Step 4: Wear a policeman hat with your police costume in the traditional style that is a navy blue billed hat with an official police emblem on the front.

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