Make your own Pocahontas Costume

As a real–life Native American princess from the Powhatan tribe, Pocahontas treaded with grace and kindness across North American in the 1600s. Disney made her even more famous with their animated adaptation of her interesting life as an Indian and helper to European explorers.

Items needed to make your Pocahontas Costume

Items Needed:
Tan ultra suede, several yards
Plastic “pony“ beads, many colors
Fabric paint pens
Large feather
Face paint
Moccasins or sandals


Step 1: Measure the distance from your knees to shoulders and double; this is how much fabric you should buy. Lay out fabric folded over in a double layer with the selvages on the sides. Measure around the widest part of your body and add 4–inches and divide by one–half. Use this measurement as your guide for cutting up the length of the fabric. In the center of the top fold cut out a half–circle shape to create neckline, sew or hot glue under to secure. From the bottom on each side, sew or glue all the way up the sides leaving about 6–inches free on each sides for the arm holes.

Step 2: Trim the bottom of the skirt into have an inverted “triangular“ hem. With scissors, make fringe all along the bottom hem by cutting up about three inches in narrow strips. Every couple of strips, slide on a plastic bead or two, alternating colors as you like, and secure by tying bottom of fringe off in a knot.

Step 3: With reserved fabric, cut a strip wide and long enough to serve as a sash or belt and another piece that can be used as a headband.

Step 4: Use paint fabric markers to draw Native American inspired designs or pictograms on the dress, belt and headband.

Step 5: Wear your hair in two braids if it is long enough and tie headband across your forehead. Stick the feather in the back to be a true Indian Princess. Apply the face paints in colorful designs on your face if desired.

Step 5: Referring to Native American jewelry, use leftover beads to make colorful necklaces and bracelets. On your feet, wear traditional moccasins or a pair of simple leather sandals.

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