Make your own Pimp Costume

You’ll be looking super fly in a pimp costume as you sashay down to the street corner to check on your girls. The job of this big daddy is to get “work” for his ladies and then wait for the money to roll in; and if it don’t, then you better believe there will be some bee–yatch slapping going down. So if you plan on living large in a job that ain’t easy, then pimp–hood may be for you. A main perk of the job is strutting around in your fine threads and flashing the cash.

Items needed to make your Pimp Costume

Items Needed:
Crushed velvet jacket
Crushed velvet pants
Gold chains
Faux diamond rings
Fedora with feather
Gold cane
Platform shoes


Step 1: You’ll look finer than a fin on a Cadillac wearing a crushed velvet suit in your choice of loud and proud colors; purple, red or maroon are all great choices. The pants should have a flaired 70s style leg and the jacket should have wide lapels in a contrast fabric such as leopard print or faux fur. You can find many pimp suits packaged and ready to go, or you can use a pattern and fabric for your own custom look.

Step 2: No need to wear a shirt under the jacket, cause you’ll want to show off you glistening chest and gold chains. Speaking of gold chains, make sure there are many of them and that you are blinged out with dollar sign pendants, rhinestone rings and even some big diamond stud earrings.

Step 3: A pair of obnoxious platform shoes in patent leather and a gold cane are must–haves for the pimp–strut. As you walk down the street, throw a little swagger into your step and watch the path clear.

Step 4: You’ll want to finish off your Pimp costume with a pair of gold or rhinestone encrusted grillz for your teeth (that’s literally putting your money where your mouth is!) and an over–sized fedora with a big feather plume.

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