Make your own Nun Costume

A female who has devoted her life to religion and may spend her time in a convent in constant prayer and contemplation. Nuns are also well–know for being teachers in Catholic schools and have a reputation for being strict and no–nonsense. An irreverent, but completely hysterical, Nun costume that is popular with men and women alike features a pregnant belly! Whether you want a traditional nun costume or one more edgy, it is easy to put one together with many things you already have at home.

Items needed to make your Nun Costume

Items Needed:
Black robe
White fabric
Black fabric
Safety pins
Wooden tongue depressors
Leather string
Rosary beads
Optional: nun kit


Step 1: The first thing you’ll need for a nun costume is a long black robe. A quick and easy choice is to wear a commencement or graduation–style robe. Or, you can use fabric and a pattern to create a nun’s robes from scratch.

Step 2: Next, you’ll need to create the habit nun’s are famous for wearing. Wrap white fabric (slightly stretchy helps) fabric over your head and use a safety pin to secure under your chin. Let the remainder hang down around your chest and shoulders and trim with scissors if necessary. Next, drape a long piece of black fabric on top of the white and let fall town your back; secure with safety pins. Instead of the black layer, you could substitute a white over–the–top flying nun hat, the kind that Sally Fields made so famous.

Step 3: Make a cross necklace to wear with your Nun costume using two wooden tongue depressors glued together. Paint or embellish as you see fit and then punch a hole in the top and string with a leather cord to wear around your neck.

Step 4: Additionally, you can accessorize your religious look with a large prop bible or string of rosary beads.

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