Make your own Mad Hatter Costume

Falling down the rabbit hole couldn’t be more fabulous in a Mad Hatter costume – just don’t be late! Based on the harried milliner from Lewis Caroll’s novel, “The Alice in Wonderland”, a Mad Hatter costume brings out the eccentric personality of this quirky and quite possibly crazy character who likes to speak in riddles. Fun for a guest appearance at a tea party or a storybook ball, you can make a Mad Hatter costume for a good time anywhere.

Items needed to make your Mad Hatter Costume

Items Needed:
Bright colored jacket
Bright colored pants
White dress shirt
Bow tie
Dress shoes
Pocket Watch
Over–sized top hat
White–haired wig
Index card
Plastic teacup


Step 1: The first thing that anyone will notice about a Mad Hatter costume is that it is very brightly colored, mixing and matching of colors is expected. So put together a suit that is sure to be seen with pants, a jacket and vest in different colors or patterns – the choice is up to you.

Step 2: Wear a classic white dress shirt under the vest and add a big bow tie; wear black dress shoes. Even though the Mad Hatter is known for being chronically late, you will also want to accessorize with a pocket watch on a chain.

Step 3: The mad hatter was an older man, so you’ll need a shock of white hair on your head. If you don’t come by it naturally, then wear a white wig similar to a Mad Scientist.

Step 4: Of course, you’ll need a gigantic, exceedingly large top hat in what ever color or colors you desire. In the band of the hat, slip in an index card on which you have written “10/6”. This stands for the price of the hat which is ten shillings and six pence.

Step 5: Finish off your Mad Hatter costume with some “Alice in Wonderland” themed accessories such as a plastic tea cup from the tea party to a stuffed toy rabbit to resemble his friend, the March Hare.

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