Make your own Juliet Costume

Ah, teenage love – remember all the drama that came with it? Playwright William Shakespeare certainly did as he penned one of the all–time memorable romantic tragedies, “Romeo and Juliet”. These two star–crossed lovers felt they were meant to be together despite their parents’ disapproval; and, you know the ending. Make a happier ending to your evening wearing a homemade Juliet costume just as beautiful as you!

Items needed to make your Juliet Costume

Items Needed:
Velvet fabric
Silky fabric
Gold cord trimming
Golden shoes
Long brown wavy wig


Step 1: Making a Juliet costume will require a pattern and a sewing machine. You will need to pick two coordinating colors of fabric that look well together for this style. The main part of the dress will be made from a velvet–like dress in an “over” dress fashion with bell sleeves. The silky material will be used to peek through the over dress in the front of the skirt and the top. Golden cord should be used to edge the front of the skirt as well as embellish the front in a criss–cross laced pattern.

Step 2: With scraps of the velvet and gold trimming, create a little cap to sit atop your head and keep it in place with bobby pins. The style of the hat has become so well known that it is now referred to as a “Juliet Cap”. Of course, you will want to wear your long hair flowing down or don a cascading, wavy wig.

Step 3: Accessorize your Juliet costume with pretty little things such as golden shoes and a choker–style necklace made from a left over remnant of golden trim. You are sure to make hearts go pitter patter in your newly created Juliet costume and find your own special Romeo.

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