Make your own Greek Goddess Costume

Outfit yourself as one of the first divas ever in a Greek Goddess costume. Living large atop Mount Olympus, these mythological women wielded awesome powers that were worshiped by mere mortals. Whether you aspire to be Athena, Aphrodite, Hear, Demeter or another Greek Goddess, it is simple to make a believable costume of epic proportions.

Items needed to make your Greek Goddess Costume

Items Needed:
Long white gown or about 5 yards of white fabric
Gold cording
Scrap cardboard, plastic containers, other recyclables
Gold paint
Gold glitter
Metallic sandals
Props for specific Goddesses


Step 1: Hit a resale shop or look though your friend’s closet to borrow a long, white “column“ style dress. Or, wrap up to 5 yards of fabric over your shoulder and around your body in the style of a toga, draping and securing with safety pins as needed. Use golden cord (available at fabric and upholstery stores) to define your waist in a criss–crossed belted pattern that is knotted and left hanging in the front.

Step 2: Make faux gold accessories from recyclable scraps such as cardboard, plastic tubs, plastic lids, etc. Arm cuffs and dramatic necklaces are all appropriate for a Greek Goddess costume. Spray paint your creations gold and while still wet, sprinkle with glitter; set aside to dry.

Step 3: Wear metallic silver, gold or bronze sandals; gladiator–style or those that wrap around the ankle are perfect. Wearing your hair styled in cascading waves is also popular for Greek Goddess costumes.

Step 4: Showcase the powers of your chosen Greek Goddess with props specific to each character. For example, Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and is known for carrying a scepter and dove. Or, Athena, who is Goddess of war, wisdom and reason, might bring along her trademark symbols, the olive branch, a shield or scrolls for knowledge.

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