Make your own Geisha Costume

Highly trained singers, dancers and hostesses, the Geisha is a throwback to centuries–old Japanese culture. Geisha Girls are known throughout the world as a symbol of delicate and refined beauty as well as their striking Eastern clothing and makeup. Creating your own Geisha costume can be an art form in itself, with just a few essential items and some creativity.

Items needed to make your Geisha Costume

Items Needed:
Japanese kimono or silk robe
Obi or wide satin sash
White chalk makeup
Red lipstick
Black liquid eyeliner
Black Geisha wig
Paper parasol
Thong–style sandals


Step 1: Purchase a beautiful floor–length kimono, or even a shorter kimono for a more modern interpretation. If you are lucky enough to live in a big city like New York City or San Francisco, you will not have trouble finding a real kimono. You can substitute a wrap–front silk robe in a bright color if you are unable to find a genuine kimono for your Geisha costume. If you are using a robe, use paint fabric pens to freehand in Japanese symbols such as dragons and dogwood blooms.

Step 2: Fashion an Obi sash from an approximately a 6“ wide strip of heavy satin that is long enough to be knotted and left hanging down at the waist.

Step 3: Referring to a photo of an adorned Geisha, apply your makeup in a similar style– white foundation, scarlet red lips and heavy black eyeliner. After make up is applied, top off your pinned up hair with a black Geisha wig that is available from a costumer. If you have naturally long, black have, you will look like a realistic Geisha by twisting it up in a bun and securing with chopsticks.

Step 4: Add Asian–inspired accessories to your Geisha costume including thong–style sandals and even a pair of those white Japanese “tabi“ socks that have a split between the big toe and the remaining digits. A delicate paper parasol embellished with watercolor Japanese scenery would also make a stunning accoutrement to shield the sun for your delicate, pale skin.

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