Make your own Fire Fighter Costume

Fire fighters are community heroes that work day in and day out to keep a city or town safe. Not only do they put out fires, firemen also provide first response medical care, rescue people from dangerous situations and even pluck wayward cats out of trees. If you want to dress up as a member of this revered service profession, you can make your own Fire Fighter costume that will give you a blazing look.

Items needed to make your Fire Fighter Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants
Black jacket
Black work boots
Reflective or yellow duct tape
Fireman hat
Paint and markers
Empty oatmeal cylinder container
Spray bottle


Step 1: For the basis of a Fire Fighter costume, you will need a pair of black pants and a black jacket that reaches to the fingertips or mid–thigh, Use light–reflective or yellow duct tape to make “safety“ stripes which go around the jacket chest and cuffs as well as pant legs.

Step 2: For footwear, pull on a pair of sturdy black work boots and for your head wear a replica of a fireman’s hat. The Fire Fighter costume hat is inexpensive and easy to find at any costume shop.

Step 3: With a scrap of cardboard cut into the shape of a small shield, make a badge for your uniform. Paint the fireman badge gold and add detailing with a black marker. Adhere to your jacket on the chest.

Step 4: For a fun prop you can make a pretend fire extinguisher that squirts out water. Take a recycled empty cardboard cylinder container (like from oats) and paint red. Cut a small hole through the middle of the removable plastic lid. Also cut a hole in the top back of the cardboard. Take off the lid and insert a spray bottle that has been filled with water. You should be able to engage the trigger on the spray bottle through the hole you have cut in the cardboard.

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